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What is A-Ops?


10 November 2023

A-Ops is the next generation of intelligent security automation. An intuitive automation platform, A-Ops reduces the complexity of securing an organisation’s IT and OT environments, regardless of the organisation’s maturity. 

Using simple drag-and-drop blocks, it enables users to form flows that not only automate a given process, but also provide visibility over that process to support auditing and compliance. Automating repeatable security processes in this way can reduce the mean time to remediate and stop breaches, transforming the way that security teams work. 

Transforming security practices to reduce risk

Allowing teams to automate their IT security responses, A-Ops can save them valuable time, meaning they can focus instead on more complex challenges. It reduces the risk of human error, too, by significantly lowering the requirement for manual intervention. What’s more, it enables different teams to collaborate more easily, working together to combine otherwise disconnected processes into a single, powerful automation.

In addition, A-Ops’ rich integration system enables teams to extend the range and variety of blocks and automations that can be used, as well as the UI, allowing them to build entire applications inside the platform. Indeed, with the ability to build interoperable, automated workflows, an organisation can maximise the capabilities of its security stack for optimal performance. 

The platform can support an organisation’s regular patch programme, for example. After automatically copying over and installing the required patches, it will restart the respective server(s) and carry out checks on the patched applications, updating a real-time record to provide audit trails for compliance.

A smarter, more secure step up from SOAR and RPA

What A-Ops isn’t is SOAR, RPA, or SIEM. In fact, A-Ops goes beyond both SOAR, a glorified ticketing solution, and RPA, which is designed to mimic human interactions with applications. Instead, A-Ops takes a faster and more machine-centric approach to integrating with applications through APIs and machine pipes. Seamlessly integrating with an organisation’s existing SIEM and SOAR solutions, it allows security teams to do more without the need to invest in additional tooling. And, by executing Sigma rules, it can even allow teams to achieve SIEM-like capabilities without having to invest in a SIEM.  

A-Ops pushes the boundaries of what security teams can achieve. It offers intelligent automation that delivers the speed and scale necessary to secure every organisation. 

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