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Maximise Your Security With Limitless Automation

A-Ops is a powerful, intuitive, and scalable automation platform that reduces the complexity of securing IT and OT environments

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Unlimited Capacity

Maximise the power and efficiency of your security resources with a limitless, scalable automation platform

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Automate workflows to eliminate human error, reduce the mean time to remediate, and prevent breaches

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Build interoperable, automated workflows that optimise the performance of your security stack

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Unmatched Speed

Level-up the performance of your security automations with unrivalled application speed

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Build 5x Faster

Create applications 5x faster than using legacy automation solutions

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Process 100x Faster

Crunch huge amounts of data and process events up to 100x faster

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Unparalleled Visibility

Reduce risk and improve operational resilience with visibility over all your automated processes

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Time to Remediation

Improve time to remediation with visibility across your entire IT estate

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Map workflows for audits, compliance, knowledge retention

Integrate with these apps and more

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Other features include

SecureAck Interoperability


A-Ops' rich integration system not only enables you to extend the actions of your automations, but allows you to build entire applications inside the platform

SecureAck Collaboration

Advanced collaboration

A-Ops supports seamless collaboration between IT security teams, allowing for faster incident response and better coordination

SecureAck Security

Platform security

A-Ops was designed and built by security professionals, so you can be assured all your automations are fully protected


SaaS or MAaaS:
security automation, your way

From our A-Op SaaS automation platform to Managed Automation-as-a-Service (MAaaS), we offer powerful security automation the way that best suits your organisation's needs.

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Self-Serve SaaS

The A-Ops automation platform for flexible, scalable, limitless security automations

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Managed Automation

Security automation without the need to hire or build internal capacity

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Monitoring & Management

24/7 monitoring and management of your critical automations with MAaaS

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Mix & Match

Combine elements of self-managed with fully managed automations


Onboarding Process for New Clients

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Tell us about your business and its security requirements

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Set up

Access your tenant, configure your automation settings and security controls

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Download & deploy

Create automations - self-serve or with our Managed Automation Service

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Begin benefitting from powerful and efficient security automations