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Limitless Security Automations

That Always Work the Way They're Meant To

A-Ops delivers the speed and scale to secure your organisation with intelligent automations you can trust

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Maximise efficiency with unlimited security automations

Reduce risk with limitless, intelligent automations that scale to secure your organisation

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Exercise the ingenuity of your security team

Stop working your security team like machines and empower them to tackle more complex challenges

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Optimise the performance of your security stack

Build interoperable workflows that maximise the capabilities of your existing security solutions

Unlock the Power of Intelligent Automation

Our A-Ops platform offers unmatched power, efficiency and application speed to secure your IT and OT environments

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100x More Power

Significantly more power than legacy security automation

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48x Faster

Improved incident response times with complete visibility across your IT estate

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Stop working security engineers like machines

Push the boundaries of what security teams can achieve and reduce the scope for human error

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Automate repetitive tasks so security professionals can tackle more complex challenges

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Combine disconnected processes into a single automation with cross-team collaboration

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A-Ops for Powerful Automations

Limitless power
Scalable automations
Faster performance
Comprehensive controls
Collaborative workflows
Unmatched speed
Complete visibility
24/7 support


SaaS or MAaaS:
security automation, your way

From our A-Op SaaS automation platform to Managed Automation-as-a-Service (MAaaS), we offer powerful security automation the way that best suits your organisation's needs.

SecureAck Team
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Self-Serve SaaS

The A-Ops automation platform for flexible, scalable, limitless security automations

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Managed Automation

Security automation without the need to hire or build internal capacity

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Monitoring & Management

24/7 monitoring and management of your critical automations with MAaaS

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Mix & Match

Combine elements of self-managed with fully managed automations

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Working with SecureAck has been a game-changer for The Influence Room. Their innovative solutions have not only streamlined our operations but have also significantly boosted our efficiency. We are able to build and release more features than before enabling us to stay ahead in a rapidly evolving digital landscape. The dedication and expertise of the SecureAck team have been instrumental in our success so far. We highly recommend their services to any organisation seeking a reliable technology solution.

The Influence Room | Mark Murray VP of Customer Success

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SecureAck truly came to our rescue! We were facing a critical need for rapid automation in our client integration process, and SecureAck responded with remarkable speed and precision. While other providers quoted time frames of 15 to 20 working days, SecureAck astonishingly delivered everything within just 2 working days. We are thoroughly impressed with their unwavering support and excellent communication. Working with SecureAck is consistently a pleasure, and we wholeheartedly recommend their services!

Thinq Digital | Andys Said Director & Co-founder

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My experience with SecureAck has been a very positive one. I have found them to be very professional & efficient in all my dealings with them. The customer support has been great with any question's been answered quickly.

The same goes for any alerts been investigated, these are done quickly, with detailed information on the findings.


Trusted by leading organisations

Trusted by leading organisations

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