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Frequently Asked Questions

Find answers to common questions about our A-Ops platform and automation services

A-Ops takes large, complex problems and dissects them into smaller, logical blocks of automations that you can join together in well-documented, human-readable security workflows that maximise efficiency and improve the operational resilience of your organisation.

Our pricing options include:

  • Per execution of a given automation
  • Per worker licence. Each worker can run up to five automations simultaneously

Our flexible Managed Automation-as-a Service offerings are determined on the scale and complexity of the automation use case, as well as any requirements for ongoing monitoring and management.

Per worker licences are uncapped up to five concurrent automations in a 24-hour period, meaning you can potentially utilise up to 432,000 seconds worth of automation per day.

The deployment and set-up of the A-Ops platform takes minutes, whether it’s on-premise or cloud.

The implementation time for automations varies depending on the complexity of the use case. Simpler automations can be delivered in minutes, whereas more complex use cases may take a couple of days to build, test and deploy.

We offer different levels of support for those using the A-Ops SaaS platform or Managed Automation-as-a-Service. Regardless of the level of support you choose, we offer 100% service credit back on anything less than 95% availability, and 10% on anything less than 99.9%.

A-Ops platform support

All customers of the A-Ops SaaS platform have access to support for technical and account enquiries. There are three levels of support, each with an associated SLA:

  • Standard
  • Premium
  • Premium enhanced

Managed Automation-as-a-Service

We offer flexible managed automation service offerings with different levels of support that help you maximise the efficiency of your security automations. More information can be found here.

SecureAck offers flexible managed service offerings that remove the barriers to seizing the improved efficiency and operational resiliency of security automation.

Whether you want help getting started, building and managing more complex and business critical use cases, or want a full end-to-end managed service, we provide support when and how you need it.

For more information, visit the MAaaS page here.

A-Ops can be customised through integrations with your existing back-end solutions.

A-Ops was designed and built by security professionals. The platform is independently penetration tested for compliance, and has Cyber Essentials Plus and ISO 27001 certifications.

We will assess what integrations you need with existing software as part of the onboarding process. In most instances, this will be free of charge. But there may be a nominal cost for highly bespoke integrations.

Contact us here to discuss your integration requirements.

Whereas RPA is designed to mimic human interaction, A-Ops interacts with applications and services in a machine-centric way, using APIs and communication pipes to carry out actions much quicker and more reliably than a human.

A-Ops can seamlessly integrate with your existing SIEM and SOAR investments, allowing you to do more without the need for additional tooling. Alternatively, it can execute Sigma rules, which allow you to achieve SIEM-like capabilities without a SIEM solution.

A-Ops lowers the barrier to entry for security automations with an intuitive, maturity-agnostic automation platform, which relies on logic to build automation workflows rather than advanced development capabilities.

If you want help getting started or if you have more complex or business critical requirements, our flexible managed service offerings can provide support how and when you need it.

Click here to learn how MAaaS can support you through your automation journey.

To learn more about the A-Ops platform, click here to arrange a demo.

Alternatively, you can contact our sales team here

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