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Transforming security working practices with automation


10 November 2023

Security teams cannot scale to meet the size of today’s cyber threat landscape. 

The rise in remote working practices since the pandemic has seen an explosion in the number of endpoints, including computers and mobile devices. One recent survey suggests that the average enterprise now runs about 135,000 endpoints, while another found that nearly two-thirds (63%) of IT and security professionals were each managing more than 1,000 devices within their organisation’s network. 

As the size of the attack surface continues to grow, so too does the sophistication of the attacks themselves. There is growing concern, for instance, over the potential for cybercriminals to use the latest developments in AI and automation to expand their operations. 

Some innovative actors are using generative AI applications, such as ChatGPT, to write credible targeted phishing emails on an almost industrial scale. While others are performing automated attacks, using bots to carry out repetitive tasks like password spraying or credential stuffing. An automated password cracking tool, for example, can allow attackers to gain access to multiple accounts using little or no human effort. 

Rising to the challenge with automation

Given the scale of the threat landscape, organisations cannot expect the members of their security teams to work like firefighting robots in tackling these incessant threats. Instead, the solution lies in intelligent security automation – effectively employing the very tools being used against them. 

An intelligent security automation platform, such as A-Ops, allows teams to automate IT security responses to these ever-growing threats. And the benefits are manifold. 

By automating repetitive tasks like IP scoring, URL lookups, and alert monitoring, security teams have the time and space they need to tackle more complex security challenges and deliver greater value to their organisation. And, by using the platform to build intelligent and interoperable workflows, teams are able to overcome product overload – optimising their existing security stack, rather than introducing ever more tools and products. 

What’s more, by reducing the need for manual intervention, automation not only saves time, but also minimises the risk of human error and improves the mean time to remediation. 

The speed and scale to secure your organisation

The increasing size and sophistication of the threat landscape means today’s security teams face an uphill battle.

Contact our sales team to learn how you can make intelligent security automation a vital part of your arsenal with the A-Ops platform and Managed Automation-as-a-Service.