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Maximising your security stack with automation


10 November 2023

Overworked security teams will often fall into the trap of buying a new security tool or solution to tackle every new threat that emerges. Indeed, a recent study reveals that the average organisation manages 76 different security tools. But what is intended to be an immediate fix can actually contribute to longer-term security challenges. 

Too many tools

A lack of interoperability means that not only are individual tools not being used optimally, but also that gaps between different tools – from different vendors – can be vulnerable to exploitation by cybercriminals. It follows, therefore, that the more tools a security team uses, the more gaps there are that could potentially be exploited. 

Too many tools can be overwhelming for security teams, too, with the constant bombardment of alerts and reports leading to a state of information overload which, in itself, increases the security risk through human error. 

And, of course, more tools means greater costs – and no organisation’s security budget is infinite. 

Reducing reliance on disparate solutions

Fortunately, intelligent security automation can address each of these challenges. Our A-Ops platform allows you to build interoperable automated workflows, which integrate your entire security stack. As well as optimising the performance of your existing tools, it significantly reduces the number of potentially vulnerable gaps between them. 

It also reduces the “noise”, effectively consolidating the various different alerts and reports, allowing the members of your security team to concentrate on the task at hand without distraction.

Doing more with less

By working with your existing security investments, such as SIEM or SOAR, A-Ops enables you to maximise your security posture without having to spend more on additional tooling. 

In fact, it can negate the need for some bigger ticket purchases. By executing Sigma rules, for example, A-Ops can achieve SIEM-like capabilities, without having to actually invest in a SIEM.  

Maximise the value of your security assets 

As the volume of potential cyber threats continues to grow, it’s easy to be tempted to add more tools to your security stack. Our A-Ops intelligent security automation platform can help you avoid that temptation and the challenges – and expense – that arise from it. 

Arrange a demo of the A-Ops platform to understand how you can optimise your entire security stack to improve the ROI of your security investments.